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Morning OLY + OHS & Fran

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Overhead Squat

  • A. Build to a daily 3 rep-max.
  • B. Perform 3 additional sets at 90% of A.


21-15-9 of

  • Thrusters (42.5/30kg)
  • Pull-ups

Strength Bias Option (instead of Fran)

5 Rounds of:

  • 5 Dumbbell Thrusters TEMPO 50X3...(5 seconds down, zero seconds at the bottom, explode up, 3 second hold at the lockout)
  • 5 Strict C2B Pull-ups
  • 5 Controlled Landing Broad Jump

Olympic Lifting Programming

Floor Hang Snatch.

  • 5 sets of 3 reps.
  • This is basically Snatch Deadlift + Snatch but when you lower the deadlift you PAUSE for 2 seconds with tension on and the bar touching the floor before you start each lift. You may drop the bar between reps if necessary.

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