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This session is designed to give you a genuine experience of what it's like to train at CM2 so you can decide whether or not it's right for you. During the session we’ll have a chat about CrossFit and your goals and back-ground. Then we'll teach you to a some of the basic movements and then give you a taste of CrossFit by putting you through a workout.

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Foundations classes are included in every membership they are on Tuesday & Thursday at 8pm and on Sunday at 12:30pm. You just have to accumulate five attendance to these sessions before you can attend the mainstream classes. These don't have to be consecutive, you can mix and match to suit your schedule. If you can't attend the Foundations classes we offer a Personal Training option which you can book through the link below. Foundations will teach you proper technique on all fundamental movements we use in our programming. Our experienced trainers take you through the learning progressions for each movement to help you develop safe efficient technique before you join the mainstream classes. You will learn how to scale the load and difficulty of each movement to your ability to ensure you progress as quickly as possible. You will learn to squat, lunge, press, pull, snatch, clean, jerk, row, skip, jump, and swing, using barbells, kettle-bells, dumbbells, medicine balls, as well as how to control your own body-weight.

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