Featured Member- Kylie

Posted on Friday, 4 June 2021 by Tom Smith

Featured Member- Kylie

Featured Member- Kylie

1. How did your CrossFit Journey start and how did you find CM2?

"My partner at the time did CrossFit at CM2 and I didn't really have much of an interest, but one day I thought let’s see what this is all about. I attended the taster session and loved it! I was soon hooked and have never looked back. The best decision I ever made. This was 7 years ago now"!

2. How do you feel you have progressed over the years of training at CM2?

"When I first started CrossFit, I couldn't perform one single pull up. I was a size 6, really tiny, and didn't really have much strength in both my upper and lower body. I hated running, avoided it in workouts and would do something else. I also smoked at the time which is why I found running so uncomfortable. Now I can squat more than my bodyweight, perform 21 kipping pull ups unbroken, and I now LOVE running"!

3.You recently ran a half marathon in Lockdown, what’s your next big challenge or goals for the future?

"Yes, I did, and the feeling once I'd completed it was just phenomenal. I've gone from hating running to conquering a half marathon! My next challenge would be to run a full marathon, be able to do a muscle up and also climb a mountain. I have never climbed before, and this is something I think I'd really enjoy. I Would love to do the 3-peaks challenge"!

4. How has being a member of CM2 changed your Lifestyle?

"It has massively changed my outlook on life. I used to go out most weekends drinking, partying and looking at booking the next night/event out. Now I want to do things like compete, run, paddleboard, swim and book things that are active and don't involve alcohol! I have never paddle boarded ever but something I’d love to do. Whitewater rafting looks fun too. Maybe we could do this as a CM2 Social one day"?

5.You’ve recently decided to study Personal Training, what inspired this?

"Yes. Having my daughter fairly young I haven't really had a career or known exactly what I wanted to do. Now my daughter is that much older I have more time and can now start my career. Currently working in the motor trade, I thought about sales, but I would have to work long hours and wouldn't have as much time with my daughter.

Seeing new members at CM2 and thinking to myself I was there once and helping them through the classes has made me think I could do this as a job! I'm so into my fitness and always looking to better myself and overcome fears, I would love to help others overcome theirs too and get them comfortable with the uncomfortable. Having the opportunity to play a huge part in people's lives and getting them to where they want to be, will be so rewarding and I cannot wait to start my business once I am qualified".

6. What do you use as motivation to get you through the toughest of workouts, especially when training on your own?

"Music definitely helps but ultimately, it’s about having the right mindset. It all stems from here and if your mind says stop or you can't do it then you have already talked yourself out of it. Positive mindset will get me through. Also, if the workout involves trying to hit the same reps every round, I set the bar so I know what I'm capable of and then I make sure I don’t drop the reps and get the same if not more each round".

7. What are some of your other hobbies outside of the gym?

"I love singing and dancing. Having danced since the age of 3, I gave it all up when I started secondary school as I just wanted to hang out with friends instead. Now my daughter dances, I attend adult dance classes at her dance school. It's so good to be back and I still remember most of the movements although I'm not as sharp and flexible as I was back then! I love to swim too; I would regularly swim for a club when I was younger and competed in many galas".

8. What key advice would you give to a new member of the gym?

"You are only going to go from strength to strength, don't beat yourself up if you cannot do something because that is only temporary. You will be able to get that pull up or deadlift that weight you want if you are patient. Have faith, be positive and if you are consistent you will get to where you want to be. As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day! You will progress and no matter how big or small that progress is, it's still a massive achievement. Keep going, don't give up. Back yourself! (I stole this from Coach Emelye!!) So true. Be your own competition".

Coaches Comments:

Coach Tom- "Kylie is a very well deserved Featured Member, she has not only put years of hard work and dedication into her own training but is now working to inspire and encourage others within the fitness community. Since being a member of CM2 Kylie has improved massively when looking at her Strength numbers and Gymnastic capacity".

Coach Emelye- "Kylie’s motto is “Be savage, not average”, and for all the times I’ve coached her she’s attacked her training like an wild animal. Her focus and dedication is admirable, but she doesn’t let it overwhelm her and stop her from having fun in class.She recently did the qualifiers for TEC2021 and far surpassed her own expectations. We expect that this time next year she will be securing a place on that competition floor and being an absolute SAVAGE".