Crossfit Kids

Our CrossFit Kids program is geared and designed specifically for 5-17 year olds and their specific development needs. It is broad, inclusive, general fitness wrapped up in FUN. The emphasis is to make kids/teens faster, stronger, fitter, more capable and confident than the kids around them whilst doing it in a fun way, so that they want to do it. It is used in Martial Arts schools, athletic teams and by many parents who want their children to grow up healthy, strong and confident thus avoiding common problems associated with childhood inactivity.

CrossFit Kids Format

The CrossFit Kids session is 1-hour long and led by 2 of our brilliant Coaches who have over 25 years of experience educating Children between them. The class starts with a comprehensive warm up and involves learning new movements and then doing a specific kids WOD which is often in the format of a game as the high-intensity piece. The kids are generally divided up into ‘kids’ and ‘teens’, with each group doing some work separately and then coming together at the end of class.


Day Time
Sunday 10 - 11am
Membership Prices
  • Unlimited from £90/month
  • Twice per week from £75/month
  • 10 Session Class Pack £90
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