Having the flexibility and mobility to move through a full range-of-motion is essential to everything we do in CrossFit as it ensures we can move safely and efficiently. If you have ever struggled with the front-rack position, you will know how much it increases the challenge of movements such as the clean, the jerk and thrusterst. Further to specific positional problems, general ‘tightness’ is something many members struggle with, probably due to significant amount of times spent sitting. The mobility class aims not only to improve the quality of your movement but also to equip you with the tools to perform maintenance on yourself outside of the gym. We employ the principal of tri-plane functionality by moving the body through all three planes of motion (sagital , frontal, and transverse). Moving through all three planes develops functional range of motion by fully stimulating the body and maximizing the benefit of the stretching portions of the session. Some drills involve moving your own body in space while others involve working with a partner. Bands, mats and stabilizers are sometimes employed during the stretching elements of the session. Lacrosse balls and foam rollers may be used to stimulate soft-tissue using self-massage.


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Sunday 10am - 11am
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  • Unlimited from £90/month
  • Twice per week from £75/month
  • 10 Session Class Pack £90
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