Lewis Pridmore

Assistant Coach

Crossfit CM2 Coach - {tag_name_nolink}

Before Crossfit I was always pretty active - Football was main my thing from a young age but I also did some athletics here and there at school, favouring more short distance type events like 100m sprint and Long jump. Training has always been about performance for me, the idea of testing myself both physically and mentally in ways that will transfer to everyday life is something that keeps me coming back to the gym everyday with a fresh and charged enthusiasm.

My first exposure to Crossfit was back in 2012 when I came across some footage from the Crossfit Games on YouTube. Like most, I had the immediate thought of "how hard can it be", so I headed down to my university gym and rustled up a little workout including Thrusters and Burpees (naive I know!) - this was a humbling experience to say the least!

  Looking back now, I really can't imagine my life without Crossfit. Everyday I step into the gym I look forward to being around like minded people who share the same drive to be better, whatever their goals.

 The defining moment for me was spending two months in Los Angeles where I was able to get a great insight into the Crossfit Lifestyle. Dropping into different boxes, training with top athletes and watching some great coaches in action inspired me massively. I knew that when I returned to the UK I needed to be in an environment that would push me to become both a better coach and athlete - I think it safe to say I've arrived at the right box.

CM2 certainly feels like home, I have been made to feel welcome here since day one and have made some great friends along the way.Crossfit gives me more than just a workout and is certainly more than just a job.I love what Crossfit stands for and am constantly inspired by the people I'm accompanied with. The Crossfit gym environment is certainly unique. It's ability to bring people together through fitness is like nothing else out there.