CM2 Athletes at the 2015 British Championships

Posted on Friday, 1 May 2015 by Rob Manlove

CM2 Athletes at the 2015 British Championships

The British Championships was held on July 4th and 5th at Lee Valley Athletics Centre. CM2 was represented by Louise Batho on the ladies side and by Michael Palmer and Robert Manlove in the mens division. Louise and Rob both started the competition strongly as they were both looking forward to the 5km run and finished in 18:44 and 21:30 respectively. It was great to see the organizers of this event taking the time to test a longer time-domain in a mono-structural piece which is something that is often missing from competitions.

It was damage control on the run for Mike but with Lifting Complexes coming up next he soon shot back up the leader-board after taking joint first on the second event with a 252.5kg Total.

Louise Batho PB'd her Snatch by 5kg hitting 50kg! 

Unfortunately after suffering an Achilles injury on the double under workout Louise had to withdraw from the competition. As a fierce competitor this was a tough but smart decision for Louise to take.

Fight Gone Bad was Rob's highest placing of the competition. Fight Gone Bad used to be a staple workout done regularly as a benchmark and it was certainly familiar territory for Rob who knew exactly how to tackle it. It was interesting to hear the some athletes in the warm-up area had never heard of this workout before it was announced as an event, let along tried it.

Honorary CM2'er Tim Hickford who used to be a Coach at CM2 and now owns Saxon CrossFit in Norfolk was looking strong all weekend and finished 25th overall.

Mike Palmer stormed to a 4th place finish out of 20 athletes who made the cut to compete in the final event which saw him finish the weekend in 4th place overall. 

After a weekend of programming that had be kind to an ongoing shoulder injury, Rob's luck ran out when high-rep OHS and muscle-ups came up in the final. He struggled through and managed to do kipping muscle-ups for the first time in 6 months but this was a wake-up call that still more re-hab was needed before he'd be back at full-fitness.

 Thanks to Pete Williamson and Rx Photography for taking the photos shown above.

CM2 Athletes in the 2015 British Championships
Event/ Athlete Robert Manlove Louise Batho Mike Palmer
5km Run 5 12 39
Lifting Complex 29 34 1
Ski Erg-Double Under-Pull-up 16 52 24
Back Squat & Handstand Press-up 47 n/a 34
400m Sprint 32 n/a 27
Rowing & Thrusters 6 n/a 7
Fight Gone Bad 4 n/a 20
Final 20 n/a 4
OVERALL 7 n/a 4