Featured Members- Soumen & Gayatri

Posted on Friday, 11 December 2020 by Tom Smith

Featured Members- Soumen & Gayatri

Featured Members- Soumen & Gayatri

1. How did you both find CrossFit and come to join CM2?

Soumen: "I started CrossFit in Milton Keynes and did it for 3 months before moving to Chelmsford. When we decided to move the first thing I checked was if we had a local box and luckily, I found CrossFit CM2. Gayatri joined a month later once we settled in a bit".

Gayatri: "I give credit to Soumen for introducing me to CrossFit. I also started in Milton Keynes but was not a regular in the classes. Once Soumen found CM2 there was no looking back".

2. How do you find juggling parenthood with training?

"We think the only time parenting and training cross paths is when it comes to managing time to get to the box. With the flexible schedule at CrossFit CM2 this has never been a problem for us, we don’t get to train together as often we would like to so but still better than not training at all. The Class timings help us to plan our training as well as taking care of our daughter. We make sure that one of us is always available to her so that the other can carry out their training. Our training and passion for CrossFit has definitely helped and encouraged our daughter to develop a liking for training and her gymnastics classes which we are really proud of".

3. If you both had to collaborate and design your own workout, what would it look like?

We would love to give either of the workouts below a try any given day!


  • A) 10 Deadlifts (40/30kg)
  • B) Run 150 m
  • C) Row/Concept 2 Bike -12/10 Cal
  • D) 10 Burpees
  • E) Rest
  • A) Row/Concept 2 Bike -12/10 Cal
  • B) 50 Double Unders (currently we both do single skips.)
  • C) 12 American KB swings
  • D) 8 Single Arm KB thrusters E/S

4. How competitive are you both when it comes to competing against each other?

Soumen: "I like to keep an eye on her time as a target to beat and have the bragging rights for that workout, but this doesn’t happen very often. When it comes to weight, I am comfortably ahead at this point in time. Having said that we do celebrate our PB’s together".

Gayatri: "We’ve hardly trained together but when it comes to an EMOM/AMRAP I have always beaten him (though I do in lesser weights) and hope to continue this in coming times".

5. How do you enjoy spending your time as a family outside of the gym?

"A lot of our time outside the gym is spent around our daughter and our routine is almost based on her schedule. Lately we have been taking a lot of long walks around the local parks. With both working in 9-5 shifts we make sure to have one meal together as a family and watch animated movies over the weekend. We love to travel but have not been able to do much of it this year. We hope to be back at it once normality is restored".

6. How much does it help having each other to train with in lockdown 2.0?

"We think that the best part of having someone to train with in lockdown is to help with motivation. As Rob mentioned in one of his videos, going to the gym is a routine in itself, and for me it takes time to break a routine and adapt to a new one. Having Gayatri doing the workout alongside me helps to adapt that little bit quicker. Lockdown has helped us to train together most of the time and ultimately helps during the workout to keep pushing each other that little bit harder".

7. Since joining CM2, how has your training progressed and where would you like to be this time next year?

Soumen: "I have seen improvements in all aspect of my training, my Olympic lifting technique and my aerobic capacity have both improved considerably. My goal for next year is to get my first handstand push up and continue to work on my Snatch technique".

Gayatri: "I have seen significant improvements when it comes to Olympic lifting and running. I never liked doing weight training, but CrossFit has helped me overcome that fear. I would like to improve my gymnastic strength, whether that be handstands or toes to bar and also on my double under skill".

8. What key piece of advice would you give to a new member?

"Our advice to any new member would be to just show up for the sessions, it doesn’t get any easier, but you get stronger. As with any physical exercise it’s harder to train the mind than the body and when it comes to CrossFit you have the support of a very close-knit community who like you once started where you are today".

"We would like to say a big thanks to the coaches for the phenomenal training and guidance and all the other box members for being so awesome and welcoming. The support and little tricks that we get from fellow members during workouts has been helpful and instrumental. Being part of the CM2 family has been a brilliant experience so far and we look forward to becoming fitter and stronger together"!!

Coaches Comments: 

Coach Tom- "Both Soumen and Gayatri have come on leaps and bounds since joining CM2. Not only have they mixed really well with current members and enjoying the social aspect, but they've also really stepped up there training volume and intensity. They have shown great commitment to improving their physicality, juggling the care of their young daughter with fitting in time to train. I am really looking forward to seeing the both of them progress within the gym, and I'm confident both of them will smash there goals and even begin to string those elusive double unders together! Well done to the both of you, very well deserved"! 

Coach Rich- "Both Soumen and Gayatri are great to have in class. They apply themselves 100% to everything that is put in front of them. Because of this I have seen huge improvements in the major aspects of training such as barbell technique, gymnastics and strength. I look forward to seeing their journey continue. Keep up the great work!"