February Member of the Month

Posted on Tuesday, 15 March 2016 by Rob Manlove

February Member of the Month

We are pleased to introduce our February Member of the Month, Brendan O'Connor.

Here's what Head Coach Rob Manlove had to say:
"Over the past four years Brendan has been one of CM2's most consistent members both in his training and in his attendance of the socials. No matter what the workout happens to be, Brendan attacks it with the same ruthless intensity and sprint finish every time. He can usually be found in the recovery position (which he puts himself into) for a minute or two after any workout containing burpees, box jumps or running. Recently during 16.1 (which was a logistical nightmare) he volunteered to wait to have his go until the next class to help things run smoothly. He was more than happy to hang out and judge and encourage his fellow athletes. Brendan is a brilliant guy and I'm really glad he's part of the CM2!"

Here's what CM2 Coach Lewis Pridmore had to say:
"Congratulations to Brendan, this recognition is very much deserved. Brendan never makes excuses or avoids certain workouts, he just comes in and goes hard every session. There have been occasions where I have watched Bren destroy himself in class and literally stumble out of the gym only to come back the next morning with a smile on his face ready for the next challenge. Brendan is a really inspiring guy and always a pleasure to coach."

Here's what CM2 Coach Richard Marchant had to say:
"Bren is MEGA! In all the time I have known him I have never seen him give less than 100%. Even when it's something he hates, like running, he rocks up with a smile and pushes hard. He has always listened to coaching feedback and driven himself to improve. CM2 would not be the same without him"

Here's a shot of Brendan with Conan and Chris before they did 'Murph', one of CrossFit's most notorious workouts, last month. 

The Member of the Month Interview

How did you first get involved with CrossFit CM2?
I got involved in CrossFit when a friend of mine bumped into an old friend at Riverside. This muscular fit young man passed on the details to my friend of a gym he was opening up. My friend was very keen, and before you know it he roped me into going too.

What has been your most memorable CrossFit Moment so far?
My most memorable moment was at the old Box. I was in the middle of a wod doing box jumps and as it happens Rob was cheering me on. I then fell off the box, Rob asked if I was alight and sounded quite concerned. I then leapt up and asked "does that count?" and kept going.

What is your favourite movement/workout?
The kipping pull-up has to be my favourite movement, and Grace my favourite workout because it's all about lifting.

What is your least favourite movement/workout?
Least favourite is the burpee. Well actually they're worse when you add a box-jump! Which makes 7 minutes of burpees my least favourite workout. Imagine 7 minutes of burpee box-jumps, that would be my worst nightmare.

Name a CF goal you hope to achieve by the end of 2016?
My goal for this year is the same as last years, I really want to get my first muscle-up!

What do you do when you’re not training at CM2?
I enjoy nothing more than watching a good film, I'm a very big movie fan.

What is your favourite part of being a CM2 Member?
The best thing about CM2 is that I know the name of just about every member, at other gyms I've been to in the past I didn't know anyone's name. It's a very friendly place and that makes for a great atmosphere.

What advice would you give to a new member?
My advice not just to new members but anyone is to pay close attention to what the coaches are saying. I even listen in when a coach is giving individual advice to a member in case I can pick up a new tip, it has helped me a few times. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself…
When I was in the Army we did an exchange with the Navy. I got to go on a nuclear submarine for a weeks exercise. Because of tight sleeping arrangements I had to sleep underneath the missiles, obviously the warheads were not on them at the time, or so we were told. I also got to steer the sub, which turned out to be a very boring task but it does sound good when you get to tell someone you had control of a nuclear sub!