Home Workouts & Remote Coaching

Posted on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 by Rob Manlove

Home Workouts & Remote Coaching

Dear CM2 Members!

So the COVID-19 shut down means you can't come to the gym for a while. You have two options; you can choose to complain about it or you can choose to see it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Our goal is to bring every single member back from this lock-down better in some way than they left. Here is how we are going to do it:

Home Workouts Delivered in 3 Formats:

Facebook Live

  • Tune in at noon each day to the private facebook group.
  • Follow along with the coach as they lead you through a full training session.
  • Please get in touch if you still need to borrow a dumbbell or kettlebell from the gym.
Catch Up on YouTube
PDF Format with Demo Video Links
  • Complete programming from warm-up to cool down.
  • Click on any exercise you need to see to be taken to a short demo video
  • Check out some of the ones we've already released
    • PDF 1 - 'Fifties' = Met-con with burpees and thrusters.
    • PDF 2 - Dumbell / Kettlebell Clean + Glute Med Activation.
    • PDF 3 - Pistols & Adductor Strength + Sofa Split Squats.
    • PDF 5 - NHS HERO WOD - HSPU & Devils Press.
    • Please click here to access the shared folder where all PDF Home Workouts will be stored (updated daily)

Remote Coaching

Video Analysis - 

  • Send video files or YouTube links of you training to rob@crossfitcm2.com or via WhatsApp on 07725233472.
  • We will assign you a coach and they will analyse your videos and respond with coaching advice.
Custom Programming
  • Please get in touch letting us know your training goals, the kit you have available at home, and we will deliver programming via TrueCoach, an online programming app.
  • If you need guidance deciding what to work on please ask.
  • Would you like to be able to do a free handstand or a single leg squat.....then get in touch!!!!
  • rob@crossfitcm2.com or via WhatsApp on 07725233472