June Member of the Month

Posted on Monday, 27 June 2016 by Rob Manlove

June Member of the Month

We are pleased to introduce our June Member of the Month, Harry Ryan.

Here's what Head Coach Rob Manlove had to say:
"I don't think I've ever seen anyone improve so quickly. When someone starts training with us we expect to see steady improvements in technique and strength, but what's different about Harry is how quickly he's stepped up to successfully tackle the more advanced progressions such as muscle-ups, handstands press-ups, and near body-weight snatches. The most memorable part of his first session was that Becky, Harry's Mum (our CrossFit Kids Coach), showed up to watch because she knew what a world of pain he was going to be in. Being part of Harry's development over the past 6 months has been a very interesting process because I've seen how his sporting background and his motivation have supported and accelerated his progress in the gym. Even though Harry was seriously unfit when he first came to see us (throwing up 5 minutes into his first met-con) we soon discovered he had an excellent foundation of movement and mobility laid down over years of doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu growing up. Harry is highly motivated to succeed at Sandhurst and this motivation shines through in the consistency and intensity with which he trains. Harry's a great guy and this recognition is well deserved".

Here's what CM2 Coach Lewis Pridmore had to say:
"The progress Harry has made in such a short space of time is remarkable. When I first started coaching him, five minutes on the Assault Bike with a few air squats and press ups would be his limit. I have recently had the pleasure of seeing Harry get his first muscle up, snatch over 60 kg, and display significantly improved all round fitness when hitting the daily WODs. When Harry started CrossFit, his main goal was to pass the fitness grades for the army. His attitude and work ethic in the gym has certainly earned him the capacity to breeze through these tests. The kid is always a pleasure to coach and has a great attitude. I'm excited to see how he continues to progress and overcome physical challenges in and out of the gym."

Here's what CM2 Coach Richard Marchant had to say:
"Harry is always a pleasure to coach. His transformation has been massive. In his first few sessions he had to go outside to be sick. More recently I see him mastering every skill we throw at him and showing that he's developed his strength a huge amount. I've not seen him be sick in months. Harry is an example of how determination and consistent training pays off. I'm sure he has a tough work schedule but whether is an early session or late one he always comes in smiling and always pushing hard."

The Member of the Month Interview

How did you first get involved with CrossFit CM2?
"I was first introduced to CM2 by my mother who teaches Crossfit Kids at the box. I started off with a course of PT sessions with Rob and Lewis. After a month I was hooked and completed my foundations in January. From then on the attraction to Crossfit grew and now I struggle to think of why I haven't been doing it for much longer!"

What has been your most memorable CrossFit Moment so far?
"It has to be the trip to Tri Farm. When I first saw the size of the logs we were going to haul around the lake I was sceptical about how I would cope but I managed to surprise myself. I can only thank the training for how I succeeded in keeping up with the seasoned fellows who I accompanied. The major shock came when we jumped, well, gingerly shuffled into the 'fairly' cold lake with many triathletes looking at us in bewilderment due to our lack of wetsuits. This made me realise how different open water swimming is to pool swimming and how bad I am at it. When finishing though I felt a massive sense of accomplishment like that which you get at the end of a session at the box. I cannot wait to go back again, hopefully on a slightly warmer day."

What is your favourite movement/workout?
"On the olympic lifting side, I enjoy the snatch as it relies on a balance between strength and technique. Even though I will usually miss more attempts than I will complete it is the feeling of getting a good lift that manages to give a sense of achievement and generally feels pretty awesome. I also love using the rings in a workout. I do struggle with the strength element a lot when it comes to movements on the rings but again, it is the combination of strength and technique that I like." 

What is your least favourite movement/workout?
"Even though you may here me complain about certain movements there isn't many that I would categorically say I dislike. Wall-facing handstands are a movement that can aggravate me to a certain degree, but I like to think that if a movement is a struggle then its helping me improve."

Name a CF goal you hope to achieve by the end of 2016?
"My goal would definitely be to get 10 unbroken muscle-ups as I struggle to link two together at the moment and some days I can't even get one."

What do you do when you’re not training at CM2?
"Right now my life consists of going to work, the gym, jiu jitsu when I can, and reading. I think a lot of my peers would turn their nose up at that regime and it certainly looks unappealing when written down but I personally wouldn't change it."

What is your favourite part of being a CM2 Member?
"There are two. Firstly, the amazing coaching that is on offer at the box. And secondly the community that the box provides and the fantastic people that I have met and have great fun training/suffering with, especially on those long, gruelling workouts."

What advice would you give to a new member?
"Don't be intimidated about joining in with the classes. The CM2 members are incredibly welcoming and the coaches will help you every step of the way, so don't be put off by workouts that may seem too difficult because the scaling options are awesome."

Tell us a fun fact about yourself…
"I have a tattoo of the cookie monster on my right butt cheek."

You're heading to Sandhurst soon, what part of training to be an officer are you most looking forward to?
"As long as I pass main board selection, which I plan to do, I am looking forward to the whole process. I am extremely interested in war studies. This is the first thing in my life where I haven't had any doubt in myself as to whether I will not only enjoy but succeed in as well."