Member of the Month - Marc

Posted on Thursday, 28 February 2019 by Rob Manlove

Member of the Month - Marc

Q&A with Marc

When did your CrossFit journey first begin?

4-5 years ago. I’d stopped playing football (badly) and was looking for another way to try and keep fit. A Greek friend of mine through work had mentioned CrossFit to me a few times and so I googled CrossFit in Chelmsford and CM2 came up. I did a 6am class and thought I’d be able to just about make that work timing wise with getting into work. I called up and signed up to do the private foundations course because I wasn’t sure if would be able to make the evening foundations classes. It became quickly apparent I was very weak, very immobile and very unfit…..

You are a regular 6am crew member, how do you find getting up at this hour to train?

For the first couple of months I found it incredibly hard particularly if I was sore from the previous couple of days but it’s got much easier. Over the years I’ve learnt if ever I’ve intended on coming but crawled back into bed I’d always regret it…..I’ve never once regretted getting up and coming. Once you know that you just get up and get it done. I like training at 6am, it’s nice knowing you’ve already done something positive for you before most people are up. It also makes you appreciate the seasons a lot more! Spring…the sun starts coming up again the shutters get opened and the running WODs can start again…..

What's your favourite workout or movement?

I’m probably better/more suited to bodyweight/gymnastic movements but I’m increasingly loving barbell movements and the weightlifting side of things even though there is still a lot of work to do. I prefer longer duration workouts with running and maybe a gymnastic element or barbell involved as well. Everyone loves a power clean.

What are your least favourite movements / workouts and why??

Thrusters and the hero WOD 'Kalsu'. I think I’ve done it 3 times and every time scaled the weight back massively to be conservative and its destroyed me without fail. Strategy doesn’t seem to matter, you get about 4 minutes in and want to stop and cry… its relentlessly horrendous.

What do you get up to when you are not training hard with us at CM2?

Working / spending time with my family and friends. Max my son who’s 8 has started dragging me into the garage at the weekend to do workouts with him.

What's your favourite part of being a CM2 Member?

Having the opportunity to learn and get better from an amazing group of coaches and other athletes in a fantastic positive environment.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new member what would it be?

If ever you look at what the workout in advance and don’t want to do it…..go. Your least favourite movements are the things you need to practise the most.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I once did 3 different bungee jumps in 1 day in New Zealand.

2018 was a big year for you, tell us about your goals for 2019?

Try and stay healthy and consistent with my training. I’m trying to mix it up a bit more now and come to gymnastics / oly lifting classes when I can which I hope to continue. When its overhead squat day…..don’t go back to bed!


Hear what the CM2 Coaches had to say about Marc


"It takes a lot of discipline to throw yourself into something like 'Kalsu' at anytime of the day, at 6am in the morning it is simply unthinkable for most people (even seasoned CrossFitters). Marc has disciplined himself to get up and smash the WOD and has become one of the most consistent 6 am'ers we've ever had at CM2. I also admire Marc for is desire to turn his weaknesses into strengths through his consistent hard-work."



"I have had the pleasure of coaching Marc for a number of years now and have always admired his consistency and willingness to learn. Over the last year especially - Marc has stepped it up in all areas. Some days he will get up early to train at 6am, then come back in later that night to join the Gymnastics or Lifting classes. It’s great to see Marc enjoying training and reaping the benefits!"