Pound for Pound: Mike Lee & Lewis Pridmore

Posted on Monday, 22 June 2015 by Rob Manlove

Pound for Pound: Mike Lee & Lewis Pridmore

Pound for Pound is an annual competition held at Unit 22 CrossFit in Northamptonshire. Unlike other CrossFit competitions, Pound for Pound is unique in that it takes into account the bodyweight of individual athletes and adjusts workout loads accordingly. As a result, it is brilliantly suited to athletes who have an excellent strength to body weight ratio- like our resident ninja Mike Lee. 

Mike was joined in the competition by CM2 Coach Lewis Pridmore (photographed above next to Mike), who would be competing as an Individual for the first time in the 2015 Pound for Pound Competition. In the weeks leading up to the competition, Lewis helped prepare himself and Mike for the challenge by programming specific types of workouts they anticipated might appear. 

We caught up with Mike to find out about his experience at Pound for Pound 2015. 

What was the highlight of the competition for you?

Despite a few niggling injuries, I was pleased to make it to the semi finals and finish 11th overall. Two places better than last year. My aim is the Top 10 next year!

Did you get any PBs or surprise yourself on any WODs?

I got 3.32 on 'Fran' (21-15-9 Thrusters & Pull Ups). I think I came 7th on a burpee deadlift wod. 

I had injured my hand going into the competition so I was a little concerned it would affect my grip strength- amazing how adrenaline masks the pain!

How was the atmosphere at the competition? 

It was awesome. It was really well organised and the events ran like clockwork.

I felt that the programming at CM2 as well as Coaching from Lewis Pridmore (who was also competing) gave me confidence to approach all of the events that were thrown at us. 

Saying that, the standard has definitely gone up from last year and there was some great competition. But like every CrossFit competition, it was really friendly and you left having made some new friends.

Anything else worth a mention? 

Just that I would encourage anyone to step up and give it a go!

  • Coach Lewis Pridmore, above, competing for the first time as an Individual for CrossFit CM2 in this year's Pound for Pound Competition.