Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting develops many of the skills that define fitness: Speed, Power, Strength, Coordination, Flexibility, Balance, Accuracy, & Agility. The goal  is to develop an athlete's capacity in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting (1 rep max lifting). In competition this includes two lifts: The Snatch and The Clean & Jerk. Athletes receive 3 attempts on each movement starting with The Snatch. An athletes score is the total of his/her heaviest successful load on each lift. In the sport of CrossFit the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk (and variations) are included in scenarios ranging from one-rep-maxes & lifting ladders to more metabolic pieces with higher reps. We believe developing a strong base of technique on singles (the sport of Olympic Lifting), provides an essential foundation before athletes start to perform the Snatch & The Clean & Jerk at high-intensity (in CrossFit).

Olympic Lifting Format

The trainer will lead the group through a tailored warm-up and provide feedback and coaching throughout the session to help each athlete improve his/her technique. The first 20 minutes of class will focus on correct positioning as the coach takes you through various drills and complexes using the empty barbell or light loads. The remainder of the session will see athletes practicing the Snatch or Clean & Jerk (and variations) and developing strength through squat, pull, and deadlift variations. The programming will include repetitions at light to moderate weight and 1 rep max efforts. Loads are all relative to the athletes ability and we have training bars and plates which weigh virtually nothing for beginners. We have a dedicated Olympic Lifting class on Sunday mornings at 8am but we also dedicate part or all of some of our CrossFit classes to this discipline each week.


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