The ‘Workout of the Day’. Your daily dose of CrossFit CM2 training. The programming in these sessions is constantly varied and is geared at improving your performance across 10 general physical skills through strength, conditioning and skill development pieces. These sessions can be scaled for ANY ability level and include a variety of training-types including: compound-strength-training, high-intensity-intervals, mono-structural-metabolic-conditioning, basic gymnastics, plyometrics & agility drills. Athletes will use barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine-balls, plyometric boxes, gymnastics rings, skipping ropes, & pull-up bars. These disciplines maybe be practiced independently and/or combined into an unlimited number of combinations and performed against the clock in one of CrossFit’s famous workouts.

CrossFit Class Format

The WOD lasts 1 hour and will consist of any combination of strength, conditioning and skill development pieces. There will be up to 14 athletes per class coached by one or more of our fully qualified trainers. The trainer will lead the group through a tailored warm-up and provide help each individual athlete scale the session to his/her ability level. The trainer will also provide feedback and coaching throughout the session to help each athlete perform the movements with safe, efficient technique. Athletes will work together on certain elements and will sometimes judge each others range of motion. Scores will be recorded on the whiteboard so athletes can compete against themselves and against fellow athletes in the class and in other class-times.


Day Time
Monday - Friday 6:00am
7:05am (MWF only)                 
Saturday 9am
Sunday  See timetable for classes

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