Debs Manlove

Assistant Coach

Crossfit CM2 Coach - {tag_name_nolink}

I have played team sport for as long as I can remember. Spending the majority of my school years in the US, playing sport was just a part of everyday life. From summer swim team and softball to high school lacrosse it was always the season for something. I continued playing Lacrosse at University level back in the UK but after graduating I struggled to find the same enthusiasm around me for sport. I joined traditional gyms but usually ended up in the sauna after getting bored of running on the treadmill. I didn’t have the self-motivation to get anything out of training on my own and knew I needed a team environment to push me back to my previous fitness levels.

I was first introduced to CrossFit when Rob started doing WODs from mainsite. Seeing people post their times and scores- the idea of competition within a fitness program seemed like a great idea. When CrossFit CM2 opened its doors I was living in London but knew I really wanted to get involved. I trained at a box (In2 CrossFit) in Clapham for a year and got hooked to the variety and intensity of the training but most of all the community and ‘team-spirit’ that it came with. After moving back to Essex in July 2012 I discovered the same camaraderie and community atmosphere at CM2. The thing I love most about training at CM2 is that there is always a new skill or goal to work towards, never a dull moment and always a room full of people helping you to push yourself further. After doing my level one last year I joined the coaching team and have also assumed the position of resident nutrition and food enthusiast.