Rob Manlove

Owner & Head Coach

Crossfit CM2 Coach - {tag_name_nolink}

I have been doing strength & conditioning since the age of 15 when I discovered that hard-work in the gym improved my performance in many different sporting arenas. I played Ice Hockey since age 8 and when I started boxing at age 15 I noticed a dramatic improvement in my performance on the ice. I put this down to conditioning and stamina I was gaining from the high-intensity interval training I was doing at boxing. I continued my off-ice training regimen and went on to play at The University of Georgia, USA, where I played in the ACHA Division III National Championship Tournament. When I moved back to the UK at 22 I joined Chelmsford Rugby club and went on to play for the 1st XV. I am also a keen wakeboarder and skier.

In 2008 I was selling financial analysis in London and a Zimbabwean colleague recommended I try CrossFit. I tried the workout of the day from and was instantly hooked. I immediately noticed the benefits of the CrossFit workouts had on my performance on the rugby pitch. The concoction of heavy lifting and no time for rest was more intense than anything I had ever done in the gym before, I could instantly see how this sort of training was similar to the demands placed on an athlete in a rugby or ice hockey game. My first ‘Fran’ (the name of a timed workout) was 12:35, 4-years later I can now complete Fran in 2:35. This kind of measurable improvement is my favourite part of CrossFit and what I am most passionate about sharing with others. After CrossFitting for about 6 months I made my first trip to a CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Central London, where I trained for about a year before doing my CrossFit Level One and becoming a part-time coach. In 2011 I opened up CrossFit CM2! When I first started CrossFit it was all about performance in sports but now CrossFit is my sport! I love the camaraderie and competitive atmosphere of the CrossFit community which is similar to the atmosphere on many of the best sports teams I’ve plated for. I haven’t talked about how CrossFit changed my body because I see this as a fringe benefit rather than as the goal, but I’ve been an athlete all my life and have never been as lean and muscular as I am as a CrossFitter.