Featured Member- Jay

Posted on Monday, 26 April 2021 by Tom Smith

Featured Member- Jay

Featured Member- Jay

1. How did you find out about CrossFit and what encouraged you to try it out?

"I had been a member at a local commercial gym for a couple years and was finding my training really stale; 5 days a week, same schedule, same exercises, repeated every week. I was losing motivation. I wasn’t seeing any real improvements and just felt like I needed a complete change. Most of all, I was fed up with working out on my own and I think by this point, I had listened to every podcast ever made, in the history of ever.

A couple weeks later I was talking to a friend about this who told me to see if there was a Crossfit Gym in the area as they love the sport and to try it out, after all, if I didn’t like it then no harm done. I did some research on Crossfit and it looked both terrifying and exciting. A couple late nights lost on YouTube watching the Games and I was sold".

2. What has your experience of training at CM2 been like so far?

"Without sounding cliché, it has been life changing. I joined CM2 in September 2020 which meant I was able to get in the gym for a few months before lockdown, build my foundations, learn the basics and meet other members, some who have quickly become great friends.

This meant that when lockdown came around again, I had the foundations to put absolutely everything into the Zoom classes. With all the spare time in lockdown I just absorbed everything; the additional FITR content, Competitions. The Partner WODs and even right now, The Crossfit Open.

I honestly do not know how I would have got through Lockdown without CM2, it has given me focus, purpose, improved wellbeing and I am probably now in the best shape of my life!"

3. What are you most excited to get back to once the gym is fully reopened?

"I cannot wait to get back on the Rig!! Just before the last lockdown, I finally learnt the strict muscle-up and I cannot wait to get back to master this skill. Then I want to learn the Kipping movements, improve T2B and my nemesis…the Ring Muscle-Up!"

4. What’s your previous training/ sporting background and how does it differ to training at CM2?

"A mix of running, swimming, cycling, squash, HITT and commercial weightlifting and none of them compare to Crossfit. The difference for me is the day-to-day variety, having workouts planned for you, 1-2-1 support from the coaches and the focus always being on quality not quantity.I love the sense of community that comes with it and the rush when you finally master that move!"

5. What’s your biggest fitness goal to achieve within the next 12 months?

"Handstands! In lockdown I taught myself strict Handstand Push Ups. In the next 12 months I want to learn free standing Handstands & Handstand walks".

6. Has being a CM2 member helped with other areas of becoming a better athlete I.e., Nutrition, mobility, sleep?

"My mobility is an ongoing journey, I am ashamed to say that before I joined, I NEVER used to stretch…ever. Now I dedicate set time to stretching, mobility and flexibility every single day, I have even taken up Robyn’s Yoga classes! I still have a long way to go but I have already noticed huge improvement and I can’t wait to see how the hard work has paid off!"

7. When deep in the pain cave of a workout what is your motivation to keep on moving and get it done?

"Whether it be on Zoom or in the Gym, we are all in that Cave together. Whenever I want to quit, I just have to look at one of the other members giving it the beans and their drive motivates me to carry on. The pain is short, but the rewards are great".

8. What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining CrossFit CM2?

"Stop thinking about it and take the plunge. Yes of course, joining a new club is daunting, but Joining CM2 was the best decision I could have made. The members are such a great group of people, everyone is welcoming and regardless of your fitness levels or experience, everyone is welcome, and everyone is catered for. You’ve got this, please, come and get involved!"

Coaches Comments:

Coach Tom- "Jay is a pleasure, not only coach but, just to be around in general. You can see his determination to improve and understand the principles that we try to ingrain at CM2. He showed great dedication over the lockdown period which means his development has been continued over the past year so he has hit the ground running now CM2 is back open. Jay already had a great base of strength and conditioning, with some mobility work and some skill refinement I'm really excited to see what level he can get to. Keep smashing it mate!"

Coach Robyn- "Jay is a great addition to the Crossfit CM2 community. Signing up just before Lockdown, I met Jay on the online classes. I loved how enthusiastic and competitive he was (even when he was doing the workouts from home). He brought a great energy to each session. His commitment and positive attitude has helped him progress quickly and it is great to watch him achieve movements such as handstand press ups and pistols in such a short space of time. A well deserving member of the month"!