Featured Member- Rosie

Posted on Wednesday, 17 March 2021 by Tom Smith

Featured Member- Rosie

Featured Member- Rosie

1. How did you hear about CrossFit CM2 and what encouraged you to join?

"A friend started doing CrossFit and raved about it and just from what she was saying I knew that I would love it. Unfortunately, at that point I was stuck using a normal gym with a creche but shortly after that we moved to the US and I started to have the odd morning to myself, I then immediately joined a CrossFit gym. I couldn’t go very often but enjoyed it enough that when we heard we were moving back to the UK one of the first things I did was google CrossFit gyms and I did my trial session the weekend after we returned!"

2. You’ve been a regular in the Strong Mum sessions but what are the classes like and how is it training with like-minded ladies?

"I love the strong mums classes, it’s such a fun group of people to train with. It’s also great to train with others juggling kids, school holidays etc. I think for many of us it’s hard to dedicate the time to training and so we often struggle with similar things and its nice knowing that I am not the only person who still can’t do pull ups despite doing CrossFit for several years!"

3. How do you find juggling parenthood with training?

"It’s certainly a juggle! Although for me now that my kids are all at school it’s much easier and I feel like I am making more progress with training than I probably have before - it might all disappear in the holidays though! I think, like most things in life, it’s all about balance. I know that I will not be able to train as much during the holidays, even with bribery I can only drag my kids to the gym a certain amount! So, I do as much as I can when I can."

4. What’s keeping you motivated to train over lockdown?

"I didn’t train at all during the first lockdown so have come into subsequent ones determined to try to train most days. I realised the importance of carving out that hour for me not just for my physical health but just to have a few minutes (mostly) to myself away from the pressures of home schooling etc. That said my children make cameos most days!"

5. Do you have any previous sporting/ training experience? If so, how does it differ to training at CM2?

"I went to a standard gym for years but didn’t really know what I was doing so just did cardio, which considering I like running was fairly pointless! Other than that, I have (slowly!) run two marathons and lots of other races over the years."

6. What’s your next goal in terms of training, do you have anything specific you want to achieve by this time next year?

"I would like to improve on pretty much everything. I would love to get pull ups – they are definitely my CrossFit nemesis at the moment! As well as getting more confident with Olympic lifting and maybe even managing a freestanding handstand hold."

7. Do you have any other main hobbies/ what do you like to get up to outside of the gym?

"I love running and try to get out a couple of times a week. Otherwise, its mostly running around after children!"

8. What advice would you give to other parents who are thinking about joining CM2 but maybe struggle with time/motivation?

"It will always be a challenge, but for me the hardest thing was probably walking through the doors. Once I had made the decision to start then it was much easier to continue. I enjoyed it and loved the challenge and variety so wanted to keep coming. I think that even if you can only do one or two classes a week you will still enjoy it and see progress and that motivates you to come more."

Coaches Comments:

Coach Tom- "Rosie is a regular face in both the CrossFit and Strong Mum classes, no matter what the workout, she will always give her best. And let this be heard, the strong mum sessions are no easier than the normal Crossfit classes, which some people may assume! It's inspiring to see such great dedication from Rosie both in the gym and online, even when juggling parenthood and homeschooling etc. I look forward to seeing Rosie progress even more once the gym is back open and would love to see her achieve her goal of repping out strict pull ups".

Coach Emily- "Rosie is such an inspiration; she manages to balance the demands of being a busy mum (especially during lockdown and homeschooling) with dedication and commitment to training. Rosie has made many gains since joining CM2; in overall fitness as well as Olympic lifting and gymnastics skills. She is a core member of the greater CM2 community and specifically our Strong Mums classes. Super friendly and a pleasure to coach, I’m looking forward to seeing Rosie continue to smash it once we get back into the gym."