Featured Member- Tom

Posted on Tuesday, 15 September 2020 by Tom Smith

Featured Member- Tom

Featured Member - Tom


1.How did you start your CrossFit journey and find CM2?

"I initially got interested in CrossFit when I started to watch the documentaries on Netflix and instantly wanted to give it a go. I gave a few workouts a go at my old gym, like Cindy for example, and could not understand how people were getting so many reps in. So, I looked up the nearest CrossFit gym and found CM2. I booked the taster and then foundations course and have loved it ever since."

2.How has CrossFit impacted your rugby game and or any other sports?

"It is hard to say at the minute as the season hasn’t properly started since lockdown but with the few preseason sessions I’ve done it has definitely helped with the transitions in rugby, very much like moving from a barbell to some form of cardio. I hope that it will really help once the season gets started again and I look forward to seeing this progress."

3.How challenging was training throughout lockdown and did the CM2 online coaching help?

"To begin with, it was definitely tough keeping the motivation up during lockdown but once the online classes started, it gave me structure again. I loved the EMOM challenge as you knew you were working towards something, and everyone loves a free t-shirt."

"The personal online coaching was also great in helping with the Olympic lifts. Rob really helped in teaching the finer points and the cues to use. This has really helped me in trying to make every lift the same."

4.How would you like to progress and become a better athlete?

"I have got a couple of aims I would like to hit with Olympic weightlifting before the end of the year, but my main aim is to try and learn a muscle up. Right now, I am really enjoying all the different aspects of CrossFit and I am looking forward to achieving more and being able to do every workout at Rx."

5.What is your biggest achievement inside the gym?

"So far it has been strict handstand push-ups, when I first started, I couldn’t even kick up without ending up in a ball on the floor. Now I can do them as part of a workout, although I still need to work on the numbers."

6.What is it like being a CM2 member and how does it differ to any previous gym experience?

"The social aspect and the programming have been some of the best parts of being a CM2 member for me. Previously I would go to the gym and do the same workouts as the previous week without seeing much of a progression. I would also spend the whole session with headphones in and not speak to anyone. Now each session is planned and any extra work that is needed the coaches are brilliant at helping with. Plus, you work so much harder when in a group rather than always training by yourself."

7.If you could go back to the start of your CrossFit journey at CM2 would you change anything?

"The two things I would change is learning that you do not need to go heavy on the weights for it to be a good work out. Learning the movement and becoming efficient at it is so much more important. The other thing would be not to avoid workouts that you know you are not good at, like the pegboard. The only way to get better at them is to keep doing them."

8.What advice would you give to a new member or someone that is unsure whether to start CrossFit?

"The only advice I would give if someone is considering getting involved is just get booked in and show up. It looks quite intimidating with barbells being dropped and people flying about on the rig but just get involved and honestly you will love it."

Coaches Comments:

Coach Tom- “Tom has always shown great dedication to his training, even more so now that he is a consistent member of the 6am crew. Tom is one of the most genuine guys and is always so polite and sociable. His overall fitness has really picked up recently, he seems to smash any workout we throw at him. Other members certainly agree, as there seem to be a steady stream of comments coming from the evening folks when they see the impressive score Tom has laid down for them to chase at 6am. This is all down to the commitment and passion for training that Tom has. Keep smashing it Tom!”

Coach Rich- "Tom is a perfect choice for being a CM2 Featured Member. Since joining CM2, I have seen improvement in all aspects of his training. The main thing I notice with Tom is his attitude and how he applies himself to training. Even at 6am Tom is the first to arrive and always with a smile on his face. Throughout every session Tom's always listening and he diligently applies the advice and coaching cues that he is given. He is not afraid to work on his weaknesses either and will do extra burpees and cardio work after the class when he has time. I look forward to seeing Tom progress over the next coming months. Keep it up Tom!"