Free Handstand Series - Part 1 - The Kick-up

Posted on Thursday, 3 October 2019 by Rob Manlove

Free Handstand Series - Part 1 - The Kick-up

If you want to do a handstand first you'll have to kick-up or press-up into it. Of these two options the kick-up is much easier which is why we're addressing it in part one.

Check out the first video in this series:

The Free Handstand (aka: Static Handstand)

In the CrossFit / functional-fitness community the free-handstand is often referred to as a static-handstand. This name draws a comparison with handstand-walking which is the first skill most CrossFitters learn. Handbalancers call it a free handstand because it means to balance free from the assistance of any wall or spotter.  So just to clarify we're talking about kicking up into a handstand and maintaining your balance without assistance and without moving your hands. I always assumed that handstand walking was easier than than holding a free-hanstand; probably because I learned to HS walk first. I have since trained with people who learned learned a free-handstand first and despite being able to perform 20s holds they struggled with walking, although they did pick it up quickly. Most CrossFitters focus on handstand walking is because this is commonly required in competition. So, if you're a competitive athlete there are plenty of reasons to focus on handstand walking and ignore the free-handstand, but take note, the goal posts could move at anytime; we could see a max parallette handstand at the games next year and that will filter down into Sanctionals, The Open, & local throw downs before you know it. Developing my free handstand has been one of the most rewarding practices I have ever dedicated my self to.

Upcoming Handstand Workshop at CM2

Thanks to several great teachers I feel we have developed a great method for helping our students develop this skill. If you are keen to learn please get in touch or book on to our upcoming workshop on November 23rd using this link: The prerequisite for this course is that you can kick up into a handstand with your back to the wall. If you want some private sessions to help you achieve this pre-requisite or if you'd be interested in attending a handstand course for beginners in Chelmsford, Essex please let us know.

Thank you to my teachers

Myself and Katie have attended seminars and camps hosted by the following teachers. The drills, methods, and inspiration we brought back to CM2 are honestly priceless.