Member of the Month - Nikki

Posted on Tuesday, 19 September 2017 by Rob Manlove

Member of the Month - Nikki

The Member of the Month Interview

When did your CrossFit journey first begin?

My crossfit journey began back in march 2016, I came along with my friend , who recommended CM2 as a brilliant CrossFit gym to join.

When you first started training with us, was it anything like you anticipated? 

I didn't know much about CrossFit, other than it was quite high intensity, which was a bit nerve racking, but after doing the foundation course and getting an idea of what CrossFit was about I felt more confident. Meeting the coaches and other members who were all really welcoming and friendly put my mind at ease.

If you were able to design your favourite workout - what would it be? 

It would probably have to be an EMOM workout which features a little bit of weightlifting combined with other things such as rowing, Kettle-bells and ab work.

What movements or types of workouts do you most dread seeing appear on the whiteboard when you arrive

Anything with running or walking lunges, which I am terrible at.

When you are not at CM2 training with us, what are you busy doing? 

I work full time for a family looking after children , when I'm not at work or crossfit at weekends I tend to just relax and catch up with friends and family.

If you could give any new member a piece of advice, what would it be? 

Don't panic when you first see the work out of the day , Rob , Lewis and Rich are great at explaining it , and simplifying it and scaling down to your individual level , and afterwards you will be glad you took part - honest!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself... 

I hate being late for things. I tend to arrive early, this includes CrossFit so I can look what's planned , talk about it etc , I think I've literally started this habit from the day I was born as I arrived 3 months early.

What are your training targets and goals for the rest of the year? 

Even though I HATE running I would love to try and improve it over the next year and maybe focus on my Weightlifting and push myself a to go a bit heavier.

What did the CM2 Coaches have to say?


"Nikki is a great student. She is never afraid to ask a question or request an alternative exercise. She has been consistent with her training since the start and has just got on with things.Recently Nikki’s close friend and training partner was out of training for over a month - Despite this, Nikki still came to every session, no matter what the workout and pushed just as hard. This is a great example of her dedication towards training! Nice work Nikki - stay consistent and look how far you have come already!"


"Nikki has worked really hard on her Olympic Lifting and the effort is paying off as her technique has really improved. She is quite a perfectionist with it, which I think is a good thing as it takes lots of little adjustments to get the lifts feeling right. Nikki works hard but she also has fun with her training and this makes her a pleasure to coach."


"Nikki is a great student because she takes responsibility for her own training and does a great job of using the coaches as a resource to expand her knowledge. The workout written on the board each day at CM2 is a template to start from. Each athlete then needs to know what weights and movements to populate the template with. The coaches will help of course, but it works much better as a two way conversation. Nikki does a great job of communicating with the coaches and this helps her get the best workout each time she comes in."