Member of the Month - Mike

Posted on Monday, 26 June 2017 by Rob Manlove

Member of the Month - Mike

The Member of the Month Interview

When did your CrossFit journey first begin?

Back in 2015 I was on a trip through India and had a brief but memorable encounter with an old flexible Hindu yoga master in the Himalayas… I failed at almost every move he taught me while he watched and struggled not to laugh. After half an hour I was lying in a puddle of sweat on a temple floor and feeling pains in places I had never felt before. The experience made me realize how terribly out of shape I was and sparked an interest in mobility and fitness which I decided to pursue when returning home later on in the year. I started running regularly, which replaced a smoking addiction I had been struggling with for some time, and then began to adjust my nutrition to further improve performance. It wasn’t long before my brother convinced me to try out some CrossFit workouts in the sun on his garden patio last summer. I became interested in this way of training and the benefits it provides so decided to come try out a free trial at CM2…

When you first started training with us was it anything like you anticipated? 

I watched videos and done a little research before coming for the trial so was quite aware I wasn’t going to be seeing any sunbeds, steam rooms or hot tubs on arrival. I was really impressed with the quality of coaching and the supportive community. It was also good to see that there was a lot of focus on correct form, technique and mobility. When I first started, and still today, it helps knowing that a coach will correctly adapt the weight or movement to my ability when they feel it’s required to avoid poor form and possible injury.

What is your favourite type of workout? 

I enjoy interval workouts which work on aerobic capacity and reach reasonably high intensity. I’m pleased to see movements like double unders, dumbbell snatch, burpee box jumps and kettlebell swings go up on the board if we’re doing circuits. I also like to see a mile run being cruelly incorporated into the end of the workout on the odd occasion.

What is your least favourite movement / workout ?

Repeated high numbers of thrusters or wall balls have taken me into some pretty dark places so I always take a few deep breaths when I see them go up on the board. I don’t get along well with weighted lunges either. 

When you are not at CM2 training with us, what are you busy doing? 

I’ve recently started a new job nearby as a process engineer. I play drums in a 3 piece rock band in and around Chelmsford with two good friends ( and at the weekends when I’ve got some free time you’ll find me out on a golf course or riding down country roads causing traffic jams on my road bike.

If you could give any new member a piece of advice, what would it be? 

Keep consistent with attendance and focus on being better than you were last month. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself...

I was born in the hallway of my house because I decided to make an early exit when my mum was leaving to go to the hospital. A barn was alright for Jesus, a hallway was fine for me. 

What are your training targets and goals for 2017? 

I’m doing my first standard distance triathlon next month in London so training is focusing in on that now, once I have completed that and recovered I want to set some targets in weightlifting as I have a lot of room for improvement in this area. Above all I just want to stay consistent with training, keep improving weaknesses and continue enjoying the process.

What did the CM2 Coaches have to say?


"We had big expectations for Mike when he joined CM2. Big brother Chris and sister in law Amanda (also CM2 members) take their training sesiously, so the bar was set high for Mike. So far he's done the Salmon name proud. Mike has been extremely consistent in his training and has been a great student. He has taken the time to learn and implement regular mobility as he understands that remodeling his connective tissue is critical to improving his performance, reducing his risk of injury, and ultimately maximizing the enjoyment and stimulus he can achive from training. He's kept the mobility process going since day one and I've seen him practicing all the drills myself and the other coaches suggest for him. "


It has been great getting to know Mike and watching him develop over the past few months. I remember doing one of his first foundation sessions and the one thing that struck me the most was how he listened to absolutely everything and just wanted to know how to improve. Mike fully understands that getting stronger and moving better go hand in hand, so watching his squat sky rocket lately has been a highlight for me. He is in great shape at the moment and I have no doubt that he will perform well in his triathlon next month. Keep it up mate!"


"Mike is always a pleasure to have in a class. He always listens learns and has improved across the board since joining. The biggest area of improvement for Mike has been his aerobic fitness. He pushes himself hard in every workout and usually you will find him either before or after doing extra work on the AirBike. It's also worth remembering that he mastered the skill of double-unders way quicker than his brother."