Member of the Month- Polly

Posted on Monday, 15 May 2017 by Rob Manlove

Member of the Month- Polly

The Member of the Month Interview

When did your CrossFit journey first begin?

 I started going along to Strong Mums in Oct 2015. I got passed a leaflet at the school gates and had been debating for a while whether I should join a fitness class. It seemed like fate, so I went along to check it out. I’ve been hooked ever since!

When you first started training with us, was it anything like you anticipated?

I had no preconceptions of what Crossfit was all about, so I started from scratch. I love how the workouts vary in every Strong Mums class, and how we do strength and a conditioning section. Lewis is a great coach, and I’ve met such a great bunch of people at CM2.

If you were able to design your favourite workout - what would it be?

My favorite workouts are always the ones that involve the most variation, so circuits with loads of different movements.

What movements or types of workouts do you most dread seeing appear on the whiteboard when you arrive?

Push ups of any description, and wall balls…. I hate wall balls!

When you are not at CM2 training with us, what are you busy doing?

Running around after my two little girls.

If you could give any new member a piece of advice, what would it be?

The first few sessions will hurt! But after a while you find yourself adapting, getting stronger and really looking forward to each class.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself...

I recently mastered the double under… I was so happy! It’s a work in progress but practice makes perfect!

What are your training targets and goals for the rest of the year?

I’m feeling more confident now to start trying out new classes. I’ve had a go at Olympic Weightlifting, which I really enjoyed, so I hope to continue that.

What did the CM2 Coaches have to say?


"Watching Polly in classes now, it seems crazy to think that when she first started with us little over a year ago, she could barely air squat. Polly has attended consistently since she joined CM2 and her progress is a clear result of that. She even brings her kids along with her during the school holidays to ensure she keeps on top of her training, which is excellent. Its great to see Polly now taking on new challenges and attending a variety of classes at CM2. Keep it up Polly!"


"When Polly decided she wanted an extra session on-top of the Monday and Wednesday StrongMums Classes she came along to the Friday CrossFit Class . The class programming on this particular day was Olympic Weightlifting which is not something that we do in the StrongMums class so she hadn't had any exposure to this style of training. I was extremely impressed with how she and Amy handled it. They listened carefully to the instructions and worked with great attention and focus on each progression. They did a great job of learning the lifts."


"Polly has been a model of consistency in her training. You could set your watch by her smiling face walking through the door about ten minutes before the StrongMums class starts every Monday & Wednesday morning. It's great to see the skills and fitness she developed in this class serving her well as she begins to also attend our CrossFit and Weightlifting Classes. I look forward to seeing Polly what training goals Polly will set her sights on in the next year!"