Our Box

Our Mission Statement

“We aim to deliver outstanding strength and conditioning classes that allow you to reach your athletic potential across the 10 physical skills. Our open and inclusive community is built upon the sportsmanship and integrity of coaches and athletes alike. Dedication and intensity in training drive the measurable improvements in performance that we strive to achieve. Every member is treated as an athlete.”

How are we different from a ‘normal’ gym?

  1. No resistance machines, cross trainers, or mirrors here- just effective, functional equipment including a custom built pull-up rig from Rogue, Olympic bars & bumpers, kettlebells, medicine balls, gym rings, parallettes, and plyometric boxes.
  2. We program the training session every day which means you don’t have to.
  3. We treat everyone as an athlete; that means ongoing coaching to ensure you continue to progress.

Our Ethos

‘Improving People’s Lives through Fitness’